All Out Events | Dawn 2 Dusk 12 Hour Adventure Race

Had a great time shooting yesterdays Dawn 2 Dusk Adventure Race at Santa Margarita Lake! Before the race, the athletes are clueless as to what the course is until the morning of the race. They receive a map when they check in, and as a team(or solo), you strategically map out your route. Athletes started with their kayaks at White Oak (in Santa Margarita Lake camping grounds) at 7:15am. After dropping off their kayaks somewhere across the lake, they ran to the TA where their bikes were mounted. They went off on their mountain bikes for many miles, hitting many CPs(check points) along the way to gain points for themselves/their teams. Teams/solos will find themselves back to the race start where they drop off their bikes to transition to the rest of their adventure on foot. At this time, they will change shoes/socks/refill water/eat food etc. Since I cannot follow these athletes by car from here on out, I decided to follow them by foot... oh no. As the lead team came in, and was ready to take off on their run, I followed. My attempt to keep up with the lead group was cut short from not having a harness to climb up the wall. Had to climb/boulder around the wall to reach the top where they were headed. Since I was not fast enough to go up and around the giant wall, I lost sight of them, and at this point I was all alone. Found my way to the top of the mountain, but wasn't quite sure how to get back down. I was pretty good at following the pink flags to assure that you're going the right way, until I stopped seeing them. So that's when I decided that I was lost, completely surrounded by thorn bushes and poison oak. Since I was at the top of the mountain, I knew that going down was the right thing to do... but how? No open trails! COMPLETELY surrounded by trees, thorn bushes and p.o. Not okay. Took me approx 1.5 hours, a full body worth of thorn bush whacking wounds, a call to my friend Andrea to tell her that if she doesn't hear from me in 4 hours... call someone(thank you for calming my nerves), to make it through that mess.
I walked out of all that finding myself near the zipline obstacle! To my luck, there was an AOE volunteer to come save me! I don't know your name, but thank you so much! Soon after, I got dropped off around the corner to find "The Waterfall"... fail. Couldn't find it. After an hour of searching, decided to head back to race start/finish. Took a few hours to regain my strength, and went back to shoot some more around the lake. Phewf! What a day! I am so impressed with all of the athletes who competed that day. What a test of strength and endurance! Hope to race one of these some day... Awesome job to the Race Director, Yishai Horowitz and Race Producer, Kristen Horowitz & the rest of the All Out staff who put this race together! This race was the biggest adventure race AOE has put on in North America! Great job guys! 

Thanks All Out Events for that adventure! 

**EDIT (5/13/2013 11:35am)

I was just informed by the race producer that I actually DID reach the waterfall. Me, being the idiot that I am, didn't realize that the waterfall was DRY... The climbing shots that I got was at the waterfall. Great job for noticing that, Kaori... -.-