Whale Coffee Mug

Good morning folks! 

This is a completely non-photo related blog post, but it's about a totally awesome whale coffee mug, so it's allowed...

Minutes before I had to leave for run practice, I checked Facebook and at the top of my newsfeed I read "kelp crawl", "keyword", "farmers market" and a photo of a mystery Tri-California goodie bag. Stored that in my memory bank. After practice, headed over to SLO's Farmers Market, walked over to Tri-California's booth and said "kelp crawl...?". Badaboom. I won the goodie bag, Lucky day! Inside this goodie bag, I find a long sleeve Pac Grove Tri shirt, socks, running visor, PowerBars and this totally awesome whale coffee mug...

Enjoying some coffee out of the mug on the patio :)