All Out Events, Mud Mash 2013

Saturday, October 26 2013
Laguna Lake, San Luis Obispo



Had a MUDTASTIC time at Mud Mash this past Saturday! All Out Events put on their 4th Annual 5k Mud Mash at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo and I had the privilege to shoot the event for them for the 2nd year in a row(3rd mud event with them - Mud Mash X). This was not any ordinary 5k mud run where you run for 3 miles and finish in a mud pit... All Out Events featured EPIC obstacles inspired by the military, rock climbing, and nature! The best way I can show you how EPIC this race was, is to show you some photos. I got wet(yes, into the lake with my expensive camera), I got muddy, I got battle scars, I got shots. As an athlete and a photographer, I had the physical advantage to run the course(a few times) with the Mud Mashers and capture their experience as I felt the pain with them. By doing this, I knew where the toughest and most enjoyable spots were. At the end of it all, Central Coast Brewery provided delicious beer for everyone to enjoy :)

I had a partner with me that day to get more coverage of the race! Let me introduce to you, my dear boyfriend, Will Jaeb(see image to the right). Together, we have put together a sweet album full of photos from the race! 

click here to view the gallery!

If you were out of SLO-town (because that is the only valid excuse for not being there), I have selected the images below to give you a general idea of the FUN you missed out on!


duct taped and ready to go


willingly stepping into the alligator infested lake

hose me down!!!
James Bond Run

creek side brewery

climb at your own risk

Emcee Chris Stehula

foam bath!

Quite possibly the hardest obstacle of the race

Don't look down!

mud pit dive!


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