Introducing Marc Pro...!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announce my sponsorship with Marc Pro (!


As a sports(12 hr adventure races, triathlons etc), commercial photographer and triathlete, I'm constantly putting my body through strenuous positions and workouts. The body needs to recover in order to give your 110% in your workout or shoot session the very next day, so I have partnered with Marc Pro! What is Marc Pro? It is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve muscle performance. You simply attach the two self-adhesive electrodes to your problem spot and the Marc Pro device. The device should be used while sitting or lying in a relaxed position for 30min or more if needed.


Marc Pro is being used by many pro teams, such as, LA Lakers, New York Yankees, SF 49ers, Miami Heat, Seattle Mariners, Strava Cycling Team and so much more!

What are the pro's saying about Marc Pro?

"The MARC PRO device is easy to use, it is best in its class, it delivers on its promises, it's not chained to an outlet and... i'd never consider leaving home without it"
Dr. Jess Spencer, DC, 8 Time Tour de France Winning Team Doctor

"So, after training two days in a row, after having the sorest quads in the history of my sore quads, I got home last night and threw on the MARC PRO. After 45 minutes, not only had the fluid drained, but I could actually walk by using my quads and not walking through my hamstrings like Frankenstein."
- Brian MacKenzie, CrossFit Endurance

"I'm getting to be an old man in the world of elite athletes. MARC PRO helps me recover like a young man,"
Jesse Moore, Category 1 racer with the California Giant/Specialized racing team

Here are some very helpful facts about Marc Pro from Marc Pro!

  • Recover Faster...
    • Reduce muscle fatigue or soreness
    • Get back to training or playing sooner
    • Train or play more often
    • Less likely to quit or postpone exercise programs
  • Recover Fully Without Yesterday's Fatigue You Will...
    • Maintain proper biomechanics
    • Perform better
    • Lessen the likelihood of injury

  • Maximize Training Results During resistance exercise you break muscles down; the strengthening and improvement happens afterwards during the recovery process

  • It Helps Prevent Injury From pro athletes, to recreational athletes to urban athletes (computer work, etc) over-use causes the majority of injuries

  • Improved Conditioning and Performance using Marc Pro regularly will condition muscles by improving the capacity of your vascular system; without any drugs or side effects...

  • A published research study showed a 200% increase in limb blood flow after the first application of Marc Pro technology. After a three week period of using Marc Pro five days per week, limb blood flow had increased by 24% upon application. This additional increase or reserve was possible because the consistent use resulted in new additional vessels in the area giving more capacity to the region

  • Another recent published study concluded that performing the same exercise program with Marc Pro stimulation to the exercised muscles during recovery appears to produce significantly greater gains in muscle strength and significantly greater reductions in feelings of muscle fatigue

    • Putting enough electricity through the skin in any form can cause muscles to contract; but how the body responds can vary significantly. The wrote type of current or too much current can be painful or even harmful or dangerous to the body. Some of the most common electrical stimulators on the market are cheap and can interfere with nerve signals, but have no recovery or conditional benefits whatsoever. 
    • Other muscle stimulators can create strong muscle contractions, but often cramp the muscle at the same time. This can be useful in muscle re-education, but the related fatigue and or discomfort are not suited to recovery. Some conditioning and recovery devices can be beneficial, but their success is often limited by the generic and static technology they employ. 

Marc Pro Accomplishes These Core Conditioning Applications
  1. Conditioning - helps you do more and last longer through increased capacity for nourishment delivery
  2. Recovery - speeds recovery after strenuous activity by increasing the exchange of nourishment and waste
  3. Low Intensity Recovery - lower level contractions are always available if desired
  4. Warm Up - warm up muscles without discomfort or fatigue
  5. Low Intensity Warm Up - lower level contractions are always available if desired
  6. Massage - pump and activate muscles for a massage benefit

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