March Triathlon Series 2014 | Race Report

Woke up this morning to a 4:45am alarm to swim 1,500 meters, bike 40k, and run a 10k with lots of (crazy, awesome) people. Got my Subaru packed up and drove off to beautiful Lopez Lake in Arroyo Grande, CA! The race is called March Triathlon Series, a sprint and olympic distance triathlon put on by students of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 18th Annual! I raced it as a proud CPTri Alum(though I wore my FLUID tri-kit), among many other CPTri Alums. This is my first race of the season (C race), Wildflower (B race), SLO Tri (C race), Nationals (A race). Discovered Hillsong United's Techno remix album on Spotify yesterday, so it became my new pre-race prep Jam! The one song from the album that really stood out to me was Oceans - Lark Remix. Who know I would be hearing that song 4 different times throughout the day! 1) On the drive to the lake 2) On my phone, getting ready for the race 3) Peter's iPhone speaker pre-race 4) Peter's iPhone speaker going up Hi-Mtn road. SO GOOD.

The race? Oh, yes... the race! Emcee, Cody Strange, got everyone PUMPED UP with his enthusiasm and music at the crack of dawn. Age group waves started after the collegiate waves. The swim was okay. Bike was funky but alright. First half of the run can be described as total numbness, and the second half as being in the cramp cave. Before I go into the details, I just want to say that this race is one of my favorite races, it's just that I had an 'off' day... :) The lake was slightly foggy this morning, which made it difficult for me to see where I was going... but that's no ones fault. Swim cap kept half coming off which was annoying, but next time I know to double cap, or don't wear a Finis cap that the race gave us. Swim. Check. Now onto the bike! Pretty rough bike mount start.... haha! Not sure what happened there... can't even comment on it. Oh well. Conquered Hi-Mtn, but couldn't get enough power out on the bike for the rest of the ride since I got re-fit to my bike... I need to fix this. My toes didn't thaw until mile 3 of the run, and that was when the pain started to intensify in my legs. Hamstrings, quads and calves cramped up for the last 3 miles of the run. I had a real bad feeling that this was going to happen because I was on my feet walking around and squatting all day the day before for work. Lesson learned. I caught up to my best friend, Andrea Voigt on the run and she helped me get through the rest of the race, she even held my hand and pulled me into the finish... true friend. Love her! It was her first Olympic distance triathlon race and she absolutely killed it! In 2 weeks, she'll be competing in Collegiate Triathlon Nationals in Tempe, Arizona! I congratulate my other triathlete amigos that totally ROCKED it today, and excited to see where they go in this sport! 

Hope to do better at Wildflower Triathlon 2014! 

Happy training!

Visual Packing List! You're welcome. 

Andrea Voigt and I after the race