Adventure Race Photography

post 'episode of getting lost for 2 hours
in poison oak & thorn bushes'
(but don't worry, they're chopping down all the PO)

*for the record, this is no April Fools joke*

Adventure racing isn't very well known, so it is my job to make it known. I'm a photographer who chases endurance athletes and capture the moments they cannot capture themselves. People ask me, "so what is your favorite thing to shoot?". Well, the most enjoyable events to shoot are adventure races. Why? It's different every year, I don't know what to expect, it puts my endurance and strength to the test since I'm basically in the race, I get to capture moments most photographers wont, and sometimes can't.  

This will be my third year racing/shooting Dawn 2 Dusk 12 hour adventure race produced by All Out Events. Athletes are given instructions and a topographical course map the morning of the race, so there is no pre-planning! Putting your navigational skills to the test! The course is not marked, no aid stations, new location every year. You and/or your team will navigate across the mountains, trails and water! 6-8 miles of Ocean kayaking, 23-35 miles of mountain biking( road, fire road and single track), and 10-15 miles of foot travel including technical trail running/scrambling/swimming. The race incorporates technical rope sections (rappelling, ascending, zip line or Tyrolean Traverse). 

Dawn 2 Dusk 2014 will be in Santa Barbara! 

See you all in May!!


Take a look at a few images I took  from last years Dawn 2 Dusk race at Santa Margarita Lake, CA so you know what to expect...! 

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