All Out Events had their 10th Annual Dawn 2 Dusk 12hr Adventure Race last weekend in Santa Barbara! Athletes navigated themselves on course, paddle kayaks in the ocean, ride through Santa Barbara streets and single track on mountain bikes, hike through the backcountry's best trails and cliffs in pursuit of the finish line. There were 80 teams competing, with a total of 200 athletes. Some teams were all male, all female, coed, 3 male-1 female, or solo. Athletes are given a map and checkpoint coordinates, and it is up to them to decide how they will navigate to them. You're allowed a compass, and GPS's are prohibited! That would be cheating ;) The hardest part of being an adventure race photographer is that I have NO IDEA where these athletes will be on the course at any given time. I am also given a map and coordinates, and I have to guess and map out the possible routes the athletes would take. I drove my car along the cliffs to shoot the kayak portion of the race. Followed top teams in my car as they rode their mountain bikes through town and into the Los Padres National Park. I ditched my car for the run portion and attempted to follow Team Tecnu. After following the team for the first mile and a half or so, they decided to cut corners and climb the mountain. Ha. I fall on my side and almost shattered my camera... so I decided to turn around. Took the back end route, hoping to see them and other teams as they came down the "trail" I thought they would take. Found em'! After 2-2.5hrs of running/hiking in the hills, I turned around and headed to the finish line/festival area. Most athletes finished around 7/8p. Approx. 12 hours of racing... CRAZY! I thought 2 hours of racing was long... #triathleteproblems. So much respect for everyone who raced last weekend. Great job everyone!  

Full photo gallery link: http://goo.gl/0dxwNr

Below are some photo-highlights from the race! Enjoy!

Kristin Horowitz (Production Director) checks athletes in the day before the race

Sexy race shirts

Andrew Petersen 

Race morning... dun dun dun

Topo mapping 

Wheels on the bus go round and round~
Athletes take the bus to the start line

Team Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing and Team Columbia from Spain 

Gorgeous race start venue!!

Yishai gives the pre-race talk

Everybody!!! TO THE WATERS!!! 

That dog... wanted to race so bad!

...and they're off!

"Nice job daddy!! You're awesome!!" - kids
Precious moment!

Team Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing

4 mountain bikers: 1
1 road biker: 0


Found a sweet spot near CP2

CP2: Getting ready for the rappel

Garret Bean of Tecnu follows his team as he rappels down the rock

Shot with Garret's GoPro Hero3+ 
Gotta get the shot... right? 

Teamwork is everything.

Rappel: check
Now back on the mountain bike to the rest of the course

TA2: Transitioning from the bike to the run. Refuel time.

Kyle Peters of Tecnu checks his topo map for the final leg of the race. 

Garret and Kyle discuss their route while running. Can't stop, won't stop.

Garret & Kyle approach their last 2 checkpoints

This course was absolutely beautiful.


More drool.

...and some more.

The FINAL checkpoint (10) before the finish line!