Morro Bay Triathlon & FertileMinds

Hello there friends-
Dusty Davis
For those of you who may not know, I direct a triathlon called Morro Bay Triathlon. It will be held in Morro Bay, California on November 2nd. Morro Bay Triathlon hired Fertile Minds, design & marketing company based in San Luis Obispo. I was friends with the owner of this company, as we did work and trained together at the track on a regular basis. His name was Dusty Davis. Dusty's athleticism, optimism, his smile, friendship and work ethic was admired by all who knew him. Unfortunately, Dusty has left us, and watching over us all in heaven now. If heaven had trails, he would probably be on a quest to run them all :) He was an incredibly talented man, with a great eye for design. I worked with him and his team at Fertile Minds to create our new beautiful website among many other things.  Click here to view the site: 
You will begin to see much of his work posted all over town (San Luis Obispo), and up and down the California coast very soon. Morro Bay Triathlon would not be where it is now without his gift. 
Fertile Minds has been working with Mud Mash and City to the Sea 1/2 Marathon as well. 
Fertile Minds:

We miss you tons bud.