Traveling + Herbalife LA Triathlon // 9.21.14

For the past 2 weeks, i've been traveling and shooting races and events... did quite a bit of driving too. Below is what my basic schedule looked like... *does not include mileage driven within each city


6th San Luis Obispo  -> San Francisco -> Sacramento  *Gold Rush AR
Plane: 554mi
6th Sacramento -> Yosemite National Park *Gold Rush AR
Car: 160mi
9th Yosemite National Park -> Pinecrest *Gold Rush AR
Car: 88mi
15th Pinecrest -> Sacramento *Gold Rush AR
Car: 150mi
15th Sacramento -> Los Angeles -> San Luis Obispo 
Plane: 1056mi
17th San Luis Obispo -> San Francisco  *J.P. Morgan Corp. Challenge
Car: 230mi 
18th San Francisco -> San Luis Obispo 
Car: 230mi
18th San Luis Obispo -> Morro Bay  *Meeting
Car: 13mi
18th Morro Bay -> San Luis Obispo 
Car: 13mi
18th San Luis Obispo -> Torrance
Car: 200mi
19th Torrance -> Huntington Beach
Car: 30mi
19th Huntington Beach -> Torrance 
Car: 30mi
20th Torrance -> Long Beach  *Bridal Shower shoot
Car: 15mi
20th Long Beach -> Torrance 
Car: 15mi
21st Torrance -> San Luis Obispo *Herbalife LA Triathlon
Car: 200mi
21st San Luis Obispo -> Cayucos  *Cayucos Wedding
Car: 20mi
21st Cayucos -> San Luis Obispo
Car: 20mi 

Approx. driving miles: 1400mi
Flying miles: 1610mi


J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
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Bridal Shower
Private gallery!

Herbalife LA Triathlon