Mud & Obstacle Feature!

Super thrilled to be featured in the Nov 2014 issue of Mud & Obstacle Magazine! Also congrats to Yishai Horowitz for his feature as well! Go team All Out Events!
You can get your copy of M&O Mag at any Barnes & Nobel book store!
I do want to comment on a few things written here. Dan wrote about this Clip I use when I shoot races, he is referring to Peak Designs Capture Clip. This accessory has helped me tremendously when I'm out running, bouldering, or whenever I need to have both hands free and available. I have faced situations where you come across natural obstacles and you're chasing down a team with a camera in hand...With this clip, I am able to clip the camera to my bag strap very quickly and not worry about slowing my pace down. The second and final point I want to touch on is where he mentions wedding photographers. Not sure if he portrayed wedding photogs correctly, and I have mad respect for my wedding photog friends. Wish I had reviewed the article before release. Anyway, this feat. is rad. Thanks M&O!