Tim + Andrea Brown [ 6 - 12 - 2016 ]


I begin my journey to Colorado tonight to celebrate the new beginnings in the life of Tim + Andrea Brown. 

Here's the BASIC run down of how it all came together...

- 0 -   I met Andrea Summer of 2012 over a CA Mid State Fair cake! Instantly became good friends.
- 0.5 -   Time passes - good times occur - friendship strengthens - we went through a lot together <3
- 1 -   Andrea moves to Fort Collins to get her Masters in OT
- 2 -   Andrea meets Tim, and they hit it off real quick. REAL QUICK.
- 3 -   Time passes, good times occur, Tim wants to lock this thing down so he hits me up about his proposal idea.
- 4 -   I fly to Colorado to shoot the proposal - I hide behind a large rock w/ my camera.
- 5 -   Tim + Andrea arrive @ the park for a romantic picnic.
- 6 -   Time for the dessert course... Tim reaches for the ring in the 'dessert' tupperware, gets down on one knee...
- 7 -   Andrea says YES!
- 8 -   I pop out of the rock I've been hiding behind for an hour and a half or so - Andrea looses her *$h!t*
- 9 -   We head over to the surprise gathering at a friends house to celebrate the proposal
- 10 -   Time passes, happiness abounds, wedding planning happens, bachelorette party in Arizona happens...
- 11 -   June 2016 rolls around, and it's time for Tim + Andrea to tie the knot... JUNE 12, 2016!!!! 

- 12 -   Cannot wait for the big day on the 12th! They're so perfect together. Cannot wait to see what the future will bring for their lives together <3 

Been reflecting on some good times in life with Andrea(& Tim) recently. Allow me to share some personal images of those good times :)