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Cozumel, Mexico
September 9-16, 2016

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A week ago, my family and I returned from the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico. I've finally found the time to share my experiences with you. The purpose of the trip was to compete in the ITU Aquathlon World Championships. Visit the race website here: My 2016 triathlon race season didn't turn out the way I wanted, as I didn't race as many triathlons this year(because life happens sometimes... :) ), but I sure ended my racing season with the awesome opportunity to wear the red, white and blue and compete for my country at the World Championships. What an honor! Cheers to all the athletes who made it to the World Championships in the first place, and a double high five for finishing your race. Cheers to all the new friends I've made on this trip - I hope to see you at other races in the near future.

Big thanks to everyone who supported me this race season, and have offered to continue to support me throughout my athletic career. 
Thank you ---  my love-Jason Peters, family, friends who think I'm totally crazy, Coach Nate Dressel, Blueseventy, Team Endurance Cubed, TrainerRoad, Zealios Skincare, Fluid Nutrition, Culprit Bicycles, USA Triathlon, Kristin & Yishai Horowitz of All Out Events, Happy Mutant Adventure Racing, Catalyst Cases, Optic Nerve, Tri-California Events and The Paddleboard Company! 

You want results? 7th in 25-29 AG, 1st USA in AG, 33rd Overall Female, 4th Overall USA. Zing!
How was the race? HOT. Five thousand percent humidity at six hundred degrees F. It. Was. Hot. I'm sure by now you have seen the Brownlee brother video... the race was a few days after mine in Cozumel... here is the link if you haven't seen it: (2:38). Unfortunately I couldn't be in Cozumel to witness this in person, but watched it on the live stream and I couldn't believe my eyes! Brownlee brothers... you two are awesome.

What's next? 
1) Getting ready for  Morro Bay Triathlon 2016.  Race is November 6, 2016! As many of you know, I am the Race Director of Morro Bay Triathlon, and I am so excited for our upcoming race! This one will be bigger than ever. I say that every year, but progress is good, right? :)  Last day to register is October 31 at midnight (PST).  REGISTER NOW

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   Photography: Josh Simas / Brittany App's Photography

  Big things coming for Endurance Cubed in 2017! Stay tuned...

3) Cal Poly Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship Luncheon

Congratulations to all the Cal Poly Students who will be receiving this scholarship. I will be there to cover your special day!

The Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship supports junior, senior and credential students with preference to those who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to their personal growth and exhibit evidence of community service and leadership to their fellow students and community.  Preference will be given to students who have graduated from a high school in Stanislaus County.

4) City to the Sea Half Marathon!  - October 9, 2016
Race website:
No, I will not be racing. No more racing for me this 2016 season.
I'll be out there with my camera shooting all of you short shorts wearing mammals. 2 weeks to go! Those of you registered to race... hope you've been training ;)

5) This year has been a year of traveling, so why not end it with more traveling?
Japan and Korea, here I come! 


I wasn't going to go all the way to Cozumel without my camera, although my mother told me to leave it at home, of course I disobeyed ;) Enjoy images from my travels to the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico. I have a set of shots at the bottom displaying some personal images from my travels and the race itself. Enjoy!



Personal images from Cozumel, Mexico - ITU World Championships
Mostly taken with iPhone + GoPro