JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA / 12 days, 16374 miles

JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA / 12 days, 16374 miles 

( Image shown above: 伏見稲荷大社 / Fushimi-Inari-Taisha | Kyoto, Japan )

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[ 12 DAYS, 16374 MILES ]

Jason and I took several weeks off to travel across the Pacific Ocean from San Luis Obispo, CA to visit Japan and South Korea. It was about time I showed him my old home of 9 years.

My hope was to create a detailed blog about my experience with a Gaia map embedded to show you all of the locations we traveled to... but life happens, and I couldn't wait any longer to share these photos with you, so here you go. You get the photos without the detailed map with descriptions. Perhaps one day I'll discover a few days of freedom where I can spend on 'detailing' the blog, but until then, hope you enjoy my photo gallery from our trip. Here you'll find shots taken with my GoPro and my Sony A7rii. We've Snapchatted our way through the trip as well... hope you were able to catch some of those. If not, well, you're kind of out of luck now... but make sure you follow me at kaoriphoto. While you're at it, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too!

Hope you enjoy my gallery below... to view the FULL PHOTO GALLERY, CLICK HERE!

FAQ's :

Q: This surely can't be all of the photos you took on the trip... where are the rest of them?
A: You're right... click here for the entire gallery!

Q: How do I reach you if I have questions?
A: If you know me personally, you know how to reach me. If not, hit me up via email: info@kaoriphoto.com.

Q: How do I purchase some of these images?
A: Head over to my travel gallery: Kaori Photo - you can purchase photo prints, canvas prints of any size... :)

Q: I'm planning on a trip to Japan soon... I need recommendations!
A: Shoot me an email! info@kaoriphoto.com. Happy to chat with you!

Jason enjoying the LAX Star Alliance Lounge...  [GoPro shot]
Pre-flight champagne :) It may have been 9:30am, when has that ever stopped us? 

Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

We hung out with Heather and Robert Newman in Tokyo for a day!  [GoPro shot]

Cat Cafe. This was Heathers idea, I promise! ;)
 [GoPro shot]

 [GoPro shot]

Cat Cafe.  [GoPro shot]

Hi, cat!  [GoPro shot]
Heather Newman  [GoPro shot]

Jason had a business meeting... he looked so good!  [GoPro shot]

Robert Newman - "I wonder if I'll get trampled if I sat right here..." - Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

Homemade breakfast in Tokyo. Thanks, mom!

We caught the first snow day in Tokyo! First time it has snowed in Tokyo in November in 54 years!  - Central Park near my house in Tokyo. Snow day! 

Of course we exercise on vacation! How do you expect us to eat all of that delicious food?!  [GoPro Shot]

...102, 103, 104.....147... [GoPro Shot]
The Japanese are all about the sweets. That cheesecake was so... good......

Thank you Heather and Robert Newman for letting us stay at the hotel in the city! #thatworkedoutquitenicely

Shinjuku Station.

Gained a few pounds on this trip, but who cares? It's vacation! 

My sh

See the sun? To the left of it you see apartments.
Yeah, those apartments blocked our view of the beautiful Mt. Fuji from my house. Used to be such a pretty sight... 

Lights. Humans. Lights. Humans. Lights. Humans. 

Haneda International Airport - Prayer tags :) <3


Jason studied abroad in South Korea for a year, and since Tokyo wasn't too far from it, we flew over there to check out what they've been up to. Turns out while we were there, their President was getting impeached. Dang. Oh, we also caught their first snow day too! So, that was pretty neat-o.

The class bell rang 3 minutes ago... girl, you're tardy! You better run faster! 

       [GoPro shot]

       [GoPro shot]
       [GoPro shot]

       [GoPro shot]

It was cold in S. Korea... my camera appreciated the lens muffs :)        [GoPro shot]
Coach, I got my spin in!        [GoPro shot]

POO WITH A VIEW!        [GoPro shot]

Jasons basketball hoop. I'll let him tell the story for you. Just ask him. 

Korean breakfast. #nom

This campus was so beautiful! Ewha Womens University.

Ewha Womens University

Ewha Womens University
Love locks on Seoul Tower

Korean street food

Grabbed dinner with his host family-brother and his wife. Cheers! 

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Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko & friends photo gallery in Roppongi.

I've got to know Gueorgui and his love for photography over several years after meeting in Tokyo during a business trip. Today, I got to see his work in a photo gallery show called 'Inhabitants' featuring himself, Jiye Kim, and Venelina Preininger. Great work, Gueorgui! Hope to do a show with you in Japan soon...!



Best. Sushi. Ever. Sushizanmai in Tsukiji. This place is open 24/7! 


Japanese knives.

We hit up the Nissan concept gallery in Ginza.

Jason, go over there and walk back towards me, but don't look at me. The lighting is PERFECT. Thanks Jason for modeling for me throughout this entire trip! 

The imperial palace... 
Well, guys... we can't be serious all the time, can we?!        [GoPro shot]
We've lost our minds. - Oh, hello, Imperial Gardens!        [GoPro shot]
Two 5 yen coins. Can anyone guess what this symbolizes? 

That gold funky thing? That's the Asahi Beer HQ.
To the left of the image, that's the Sky Tree (the tallest tower in the world)

Of course we had to grab a beer at the Asahi HQ. That view was incredible! 

BULLET TRAINS! We were gifted J.R. Passes, which allowed us to travel as much as we did using the bullet trains. These J.R. Passes are only available to foreigners (non Japanese)... don't ask how I got mine. 
The light. Yes. 

We traveled 5.5 hours by bullet train to Hakodate to eat ramen. Fact.

Jason, your arm is a mile long...       [GoPro shot]


Bullet train. So fast.        [GoPro shot]

View from above his head.        [GoPro shot]


#RockagatorKyotoSelfie       [GoPro shot]

Look down, look up!        [GoPro shot]

Recognize this from our Holiday Card?        [GoPro shot]

Kyoto the Beautiful.        [GoPro shot]

I think we walked 15-16miles that day. We averaged 13-14 miles/day over 12 days....

We were hungry for ramen(again), so we found a place near by. Ramen was bomb. Ayam-ya in Kyoto. Muslim friendly spot where they had a separate prayer room. I thought that was awesome that they offer that. Cool place. Great food. Friendly staff. I would go back. 

Kyoto was beautiful. 

Overwhelming beer selection at the convenient store across from our AIRBNB in Hiroshima.
Here we are, in Hiroshima. 1,000 cranes...

Every human in this world should have the chance to visit the Hiroshima Memorial Museum. Peace please, mmkay?


Jason was on the hunt for the Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros. 

We finally found the store that carried it! Look at him! Happiest camper around!


The sea of humans. I was so afraid to walk down that path... we did it anyway. I survived to tell that story.
Met up with my cousin and his wife which I haven't seen in 9 years in Osaka! Great seeing you guys!        [GoPro shot]
Osaka okonomiyaki. Bomb.com