Dawn to Dusk 12 Hour Adventure Race 2017

Dawn to Dusk 12 Hour Adventure Race - 10/21/2017

This years Dawn to Dusk 12 Hour Adventure Race took place in All Out Events backyard... the California's Central Coast. We took athletes from Cayucos, through Morro Bay, Montana de Oro State Park, Los Osos, and finished at Morro Rock. Disciplines of the race included sand running, kayaking, a quick swim, some more sand running, trek through the hills of Montana de Oro,  and finished with a mountain biking. 

Here's the breakdown... 
  1. Start 8:47AM - 6 MI RUN from Cayucos to Morro Rock
  2. Pick up Kayak at Coleman Park. KAYAK the bay and back to Coleman Park for 10 MI
  3. Drop off Kayak at Coleman Park. Short RUN (0.4 MI)
  4. Swim from Morro Rock to the Sandspit. (0.1 MI)
  5. RUN down the Montana de Oro State Park Beach(Morro Dunes Nat. Preserve), up the trail to Pecho Valley Rd, up the trails north of Hazard Canyon Rd, finding yourself back down the hill to TA2 (Monarch Grove Elementary School). 8.5 MI
  6. Transition to the mountain bike, following the Baywood coast, and up Santa Ysabel Ave until you hit the Tyrolean Traverse. 
  7. Traverse with your mountain bike across the creek and end up on Turri Road. 
  8. Bike through the trails south of Cerro Cabrillo, making your way to Black Hill, and push to the finish line at Morro Rock. (Total BIKE: 13.7 MI)
If the athlete didn't get lost or get "off track", TOTAL DISTANCE TRAVELED will come out to be about 38.2 MI with approximately 4,500ft in elevation gain. Click the map below to view the strava map.


Click map to view course map on Strava

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Enjoy the ones below for a quick sneak peak...

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