6 Steps to Becoming an Adventure Racer

What the Heck is Adventure Racing?

So guess what... The Dawn to Dusk Adventure Race is coming up this weekend on October 21st and after being an Adventure Race photographer for about 8 years now...I think it’s about time to clue you guys in on exactly what an Adventure Race is and why they are THE raddest competitions in the world. I mean, aside from all the blood, sweat and tears...they’re fun! Pinky promise. 

Below I have made an easy 6 steps to Adventure Racing if you ever want to get involved or are just eager to know what it’s all about!

STEP 1: Be a Badass

  • No whiners allowed! 
  • Okay, so some races can last 7+ days...but Dawn to Dusk is only a 12 hour race! Totally manageable guys.

STEP 2: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

  • Usually you will be in teams of up to 4 for Adventure Races. These races can be mentally taxing and your team will need to rely on each other to get through it. Positive encouragement only!
  • Dawn to Dusk Adventure Race allows you to even compete by yourself. Make that voice in your head pump you up!


STEP 3: Be a leader! Or recruit one for your team…

  • Athletes don’t even know where the course is or where it will take them until the morning of race day. That morning, they are given a map to navigate their way.
  • If the only map you’ve ever paid any attention to is listening to Siri take you to the nearest Taco Bell, don’t be the navigator! It can get tricky. 

STEP 4: Don’t be Afraid to Get Dirty… (And Wet)

  • Kayaking, swimming, trekking, mountain biking, oh my! 
  • Yes, you will be doing ALL of these things(and more...) in Dawn to Dusk as well as all other adventure races! Yeah, I know...badass. 
  • Throughout the race there are checkpoints that each team must reach in order to complete the race. No cutting corners!

STEP 5: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

  • In longer races that last multiple days, you and your team must be strategic on what legs of the race you take easy or if you’re going to charge all the way through. 
  • Will your team sleep? Or do you want to win!!
  • No need to worry about sleeping for Dawn to Dusk, it’s only a 12 hour race. If you sleep I will personally judge you.


STEP 6: Keep Your Head Up… There’s Beer Waiting 

  • Yes, at the end of the Dawn to Dusk Adventure Race, just when you want to throw in the towel, lay on the ground and bask in all your kick ass glory... there is a beer garden waiting at the finish line just for you. 
  • Finally you can go home, eat anything you want, be as lazy as you want, and answer to nobody because you were just a badass athlete for the last 12 hours of your life and can now officially call yourself an Adventure Racer.


For those racing on Saturday, good luck and have fun! We'll be out there with our cameras! 

*For more information on how to get involved with Adventure Racing or next year’s Dawn to Dusk, visit All Out Events in the links below


**all photos from All Out Adventure Series races by © Kaori Photo